Top 2 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

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When migrating to other countries, many Colombians discover another way of living, often working in jobs that were not their option in Colombia, but receiving a much higher remuneration, which opens more than one’s eyes when they know the figures of income.

According to experts, the jobs that Colombians can access and that have a good remuneration are:

  • Childcare

Caring for minors or older adults has become an option for many migrants in different countries, especially women, and Australia is no exception. For this job they pay around 25 or 35 Australian dollars per hour. One of the important requirements is to master English.

  • Hotel and gastronomic sector

Among the requirements, it is essential to have experience in the sector and be bilingual. Usually there are vacancies for waiters, receptionists, baristas and other jobs. The salary is usually between 13 and 28 dollars an hour.

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