Tips for coping with your child going to study abroad

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Just as you already had the opportunity to live your own experiences and build your path, the time has come for you to allow your child to live their own life, make mistakes, get frustrated and assume the consequences of their actions.

The emotional adjustments that parents, siblings, and the student must make are necessary and important. Previous experiences, whether as protagonists or as spectators, can help parents anticipate what will happen during the time their child will live abroad. If you live with a new family, you will have to accept their customs and new responsibilities.

Accepting their pace of communication, being there when they need you, and waiting for them to respond or speak when it feels right to them can be difficult for some. On the other hand, being permanently connected, listening to complaints or feelings of nostalgia from your children can generate a lot of stress and even regret. An exchange represents an accelerated step towards adulthood, seasoned with cultural and linguistic shocks. They learn a new language, but, above all, they broaden their horizons and open themselves to interculturality. They become different people, both physically and intellectually. So pay attention to these AVANTI tips that will make this process a little more bearable.

1. Open and Constant Communication

Maintaining open communication with your child is essential. Talk about your emotions, expectations and concerns. This will allow you to address any concerns and will strengthen your relationship, despite the distance.

2. Joint Research and Preparation

Help your child research where he or she is going. Research together about the culture, customs and practical aspects of the place. This will give them security and preparation to face the changes.

3. Foster Independence and Trust

Support him to make his own decisions and take responsibility for his life abroad. This experience will allow you to grow and develop greater independence and self-confidence.

4. Celebrate Accomplishments

Celebrate every achievement together, big or small. Whether it’s a new friendship, an academic achievement, or an enriching cultural experience, celebrating those moments will strengthen your bond.

5. Accept the Changes

Finally, accept that there will be changes. Both you and your child will find themselves on a path of growth and evolution. Accepting and adapting to these changes will make the experience more enriching for everyone.

Deciding to study abroad is a brave and exciting step in your child’s life. Supporting him on this journey and showing him your love and trust will make this experience memorable and enriching for both of you and although there may be moments of nostalgia and shock, even upon returning, the experience leaves a deep mark on the lives of young people that is undoubtedly deserved. the sorrow. So if you want to know more about the opportunities in various countries that your child could receive. Write to us now and schedule a consultation with AVANT

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