How much does a Latin American student spend in Australia?

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When it comes to expenses for a student, there are several factors to take into account. Here I will give you some approximate costs, for example the student visa could be around 650 Australian dollars ( $2.033.759 Colombian pesos). In addition, the cost of studies varies depending on the type of course and its duration.

For example, an English course can cost around 300 Australian dollars (780,000 Colombian pesos) per week, while a professional VET course can cost from 1500 Australian dollars (3,900,000 Colombian pesos) for 3 months up to 7000 Australian dollars (18,200,000 Colombian pesos). ) for 12 months.

In addition to visa and study costs, you must also take into account living expenses, such as accommodation, food and transportation. We recommend that you have a budget of at least 1,500 Australian dollars (3,900,000 Colombian pesos) per month to cover these expenses.

Australia promotes migration for students, professionals and labor, allowing the development of infrastructure and other sectors. It is worth mentioning that the minimum wage in Australia currently stands at 23 Australian dollars per hour. This value may vary depending on the city and the job the person has.

However, doing preliminary calculations, on average a person who works 40 hours a week can earn up to two million Colombian pesos, which would be almost eight million pesos per month.

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