Tips before coming to study in Australia

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On the other hand, after our advice and your preference about the courses or focus of the academic programs, the facilities, the location, the cost and others, we will move on to the whole issue of procedures.

To obtain a student visa, you must be enrolled in the school of interest, whether it is a technical program, a language course, or a university degree.

Once you have the enrollment approved, you can start the student visa process and present all the necessary documentation.

You should consider having a budget while you get a job that allows you to cover your expenses during your stay, so researching the value of basic things in the city where you study, such as food, transportation and accommodation will help you have an idea of ​​the money you need before to go.

In addition, having an amount allocated for your stay is a requirement that the Immigration Department asks you to establish before traveling, in order to argue that you have a way to stay in the country. The value can range from 1,754 to 1,800 Australian dollars.

However, don’t worry, your advisor will be ready to guide you in every part of the process and help you with everything you need to make your exchange experience a reality.

Being part of the Avanti community is beginning to enjoy a life of benefits.

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