Australia creates new conditions that facilitate the entry of Colombians to their country

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For this, in addition, they must have a temporary work visa for graduates and the period of stay and work following the study program will increase with 4 years for graduates, 5 years for master’s degrees and 6 years for doctorates.

In this way, international students in Australia who have completed their higher education study programs will be able to stay in the country and establish their life project, and even continue their studies.

Australia represents one of the best destinations for Colombians who want to go abroad in professional and labor terms, since it has a flexible educational model that provides them with an important facility to access opportunities in their field.

In fact, until about half of the year 2022, there would be about 11,551 registrations of students from the national territory in Australia. This was announced by the report issued from the Australian Embassy in Colombia, where it confirmed that it would be the Latin American country with the largest student population in that nation.

It should be remembered that the Australian education system has 43 accredited universities, where 7 of them are among the top 100 universities globally. In addition to this, areas such as health, engineering, technology and agriculture stand out in their system.

This is not counting the fact that cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane are part of the 40 best cities in the world for the university population.

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