Australian student visa requirements 

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There are some requirements that are mandatory when applying for a study visa for Australia, so here are some of them:

  • Enrollment in a course. The main requirement to apply is to be enrolled in a course, be it English, VET, undergraduate or master’s degree.
  • Valid passport. Your passport should preferably be valid for your entire stay.
  • Medical tests. These tests are requested and performed by the Australian government. These tests are required if the international student has a student visa with more than 12 weeks of stay.
  • International health insurance. It is essential, and it will allow you to cover any health situation that may arise during your trip.
  • Justification of economic resources. Evidence that you have sufficient financial funds to cover your stay.

Expenses regarding Visa procedures that you will have in this sense:

  1. Visa fees

Visa application fees are included as a contribution to the fund to support international education. In this way, it collaborates with the Australian government to maintain educational policies.

This fee for your student visa has an approximate cost of AUD 660. Which would be about 1,590,000 COP. (This can vary and therefore you should check currently as it is today)

  1. Extra costs
  • Biometrics: the cost is 40 USD. This cost corresponds to the study of your fingerprints. That is, about 130,000 COP.
  • Costs for Medical Exams: the cost is 440,000 COP. In authorized offices.

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